The offspring of a Icewing and a Nightwing.





Stage 1 - The egg

Crystalwings eggs are like blue teardrop with often white specks ad shades.

A healthy egg is light blue with with specks.

An animus egg is dark blue with light blue specks.

A unhealthy or sick egg is white with no specks or shades.

Stage. 2 Hatching

All crystalwings are born white with blue shades no matter the status of the dragon. They have small wings and no control over their tail.

Stage . 3 Dragonet

When a crystalwing hatchet wings freeze up and turn into hard rock and their necks grow. They are ready to be a trainee and move to school. There they will learn to be what their parents agree to making train as.

Stage . 4 Grown up

When dragon full grows, the first signs is glowing for week. Then their wings sport out of the rock turning into rainbow shades. Their color changes into blue and purple.