Crystal cave by blindcoyote-d8s7kks
Clearing, or also known as the entrance. This were the crystalwings enter to their home. Often swooping to the bottom to dip their head in the pond, this were the all caves are located.

Hatchery, or better known as the royal hatchery. It's in front of waterfall and has lots of thick plants protecting the entrance. This were all the eggs are born and taken care of till the dragonets are old enough to go to school.


Base, or the most of ranks reside. It's full of crystal to eat and mythical moonlight shining it. It has lots of space so far, so you don't have to share.


This is were the higher ranks dwell. It's often called Lapis pond because of all the water is. This is also the farthest in from the entrance of all the dens.

Crystal cave by nephilee-d5gv209
The royal's den, were the queens and kings and the futrure queens and kings live. Under maxium protection, this were all royal members live. It's under the hatchery in secret passway under some plants and wisteria.