The scent of several assorted foods fills the air, mixing with the sounds of its inhabitants. The sun beat down, but with the somewhat chilly wind from the southern ocean, the temperature was mellow. Merchants shouted from every corner, popping forward to offer you carvings, beaded jewelry, brightsting cactus, and almost everything else in between. The deep sea sloshed placidly at the docks around three of the largest SkyWings with wings fully spread away from you. Dragons ran, walked, and flew all around the cove. Hundreds of shops lined the corners, and those of all tribes called excitedly. Strange floating brown things with big white fake wings made of cloth sat in slits in the docks, manned by dragons of all tribes. A dragoness had a scavenger perched between her horns, who squeaked and pointed at you. She smiled and shushed it, before continuing on. This town was beautiful, not only to you but to everyone. Despite the calm, modest style of the buildings, everyone here seemed very happy and proud, and geodes were carefully snuck into all of the decor and carvings. Jade Mountain loomed in the distance, a peaceful and breathtaking sight of times gone by, back when the Dragonets who rescued Pyrrhia still walked the land.

Welcome, traveler, to Gemstone Cove.