Princess Iris

*And I thought Great Aunt Toucan was annoying.* ~Iris's thoughts about Crab, Hibiscus, and Ancongua
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Species: RainWingxNightWing

Appearance: Princess Iris is a mainly black dragon, though the underside of her wings are purple/blue, as well as her stomach, chest, and one side of her neck. She also has dots on some parts of body that are purple/blue. Iris has the build of a RainWing, though a bit more muscular, and she can only change the purple/blue parts of her scales. She has ocean blue eyes.

Scars: Iris has multiple scars, though the most prominent is the one on the middle part of her tail, from when Silhouette drove a knife through it when Iris was four. A few other scars are from recent kidnappings and spars. She also has a few burn marks on her wings from when she was a dragonet.

Personality: Iris is as sarcastic as they come, though she cares deeply about her family and friends. She always has a comeback for any insult, and will make a 'nickname' for you, the kindness of the nickname depending on her view on you. However, if you're on the princess's good side, she's a sweet and funny dragoness, even though she will give you a rather rude nickname.

Abilities: Iris has poisonous fire, VERY blurry future telling, and blurry-ish emotion reading. Example: If someone was going to attack the RainWings, she would get a slight warning signal from her mind, and maybe the smell of blood. If you were feeling mad though you looked happy, she would be able to guess something was wrong.


Plum The RainWing

Stonehawk The NightWing

Flamingo The RainWing

Twig The RainWing

Toucan The RainWing