Narrated by Houx's daughter, Miellat

We left them behind, so many years ago. I watched my siblings fade into specks on the rocky coast of the desert as my parents guided our ship into the great unknown. The sail was harsh, and many passed away. I nearly met an end when I dove in after my baby sister. The tamings were difficult, but it was just so lovely when the massive and beautiful dragons, with their shimmering green scales would bow their heads to us and join us. After some time, the lovely dragons had grown to be more vibrant, and small enough for us to saddle them. By then, I was an elderly woman, much older than when we had set off, almost... a hundred years ago, I believe. My great-granddaughter will lead them well, with the dragoness the color of oak and holly to calm her temper.  Oh, young Reine, once you grow into who you will be, you will lead them well. Ah, they are calling. Perhaps next we meet, I will be a creature so small it sees the veins of light inside the leaves, or a gust of wind carrying you to the lands beyond.

Good night, and may you rest well and live long.

Founders Houx, Lierre
Founded 8903 A.S.
Current Leader Pluie
Location Pantela, ForestWing Kingdom
Species Scavenger (Human)
Language English, British Slang
Naming French, typically flora-centered

Libellule are the first population of scavengers on Pyrrhia or Pantela to tame dragons. They are descended from and are somewhat closely related to the desert nomads of the SandWing Kingdom. They domesticated ForestWings about four generations back, breeding them to have more vibrant ranges of green, from the summery green of an oak leaf in the sun to the crisp teal-black of pine needles in the winter. The scavengers live in treehouses accessed by a series of pullies and ladders, with crops growing on the fertile forest floor. There are wells and public buildings on the ground, whereas most homes and storages are in the treetops. WIP