Welcome to Luna's shop!

x10 of each

This are things that you can buy here, but they would be black market :').

So look around, but don't touch! Unless you want to buy it, please do.
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x10 Alright, these are have every type wing in Pyrrhia! It's very easy to find these, milking them less, but who cares? These are great to make you smell nice and have people think nice thoughts around you. They also make good spray when your den smells bad.

Positive vibes, ah yes. You could use these on dragons who aren't feeling well or mean. It gives them their happy place, and makes dragons chill and nice. I would use this If I wasn't feeling well or if my friend is sad or something.

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Ah yes, the battle pack. You can this and comes with many things that would help you in war. It's very pricey, sorry ;-;.

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Ever wanted a pet? Well I got one the works for all ranks! He's wise, can make magic, fight, and give you tips. There kinda I handful if you have too much ):').

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x25 kits

Magic garden! Here's kit to get you started, it comes with; Buffy berries, minty dragonmint, and ferns bomb!

You know, I would die to leave this place. But I can't because this business is something else! Anywho, I have plenty in places I would go for break. Just one day!


x5 tickets

Rainbow valley! The first spot I would go! With crystal clear sky and rainbows! I would die to go there!

x10 tickets

Sunstrike mansion! I have plenty of tickets, because of my birthday and I win raffles a lot :').


x5 tickets

Sakura gardens, the most peaceful place on earth. I wish I could go there.

x3 tickets I only got a few tickets to go here! Sorry! This Palm Tree hotel! The hotel for a island at the end of tail of Pyrrhia! You get this all thing to yourself! Tell me, you won't want to go there

Here is pic of shops down in the island!





What payment will you give: Fangs, jewels, etc