"You should never trust anyone!"

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Nighttalon is a pitch black nightwing, he also has unusual blue eyes. The nightwing also has plenty of scars on him, the most noticeable and worst are claw marks on his left eye.

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Nighttalon is a rude, mean, and murderous dragon. He used to be a nice and kind dragon, but has all changed. Venom bubbles through this dragon's veins, but sometimes Nighttalon regrets what he has become, but he quickly shrugs it off.

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Firebreath, and can faintly read minds.



His father, himself sometimes.

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Mother: Starmist

Father: Darkshadow

Brother(s): None

Sister(s): None

Wife: None

Dragonet(s): None

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"I wonder if things could have been better if had lived..."


"P-please don't hurt me anymore!"

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When Nighttalons was born he lived a great life, until the day his mother died. Darkshadow and Nighttalon had found her body dead. And that's when it happened, Darkshadow had become grumpier and meaner. Nighttalons had always though Starmist kept in his bad side. Darkshadow would always tell Nighttalons bad things to do, and Darkshadow would often beat Nighttalons around and abuse him.

One day when Nighttalons got older he didn't know what to think anymore, his mind jumbled of the good things he learned and the terrible things his father had told him. Nighttalons escaped his father's talons, fleeing as far as he could get. He lived alone for a while, the bad side of him killing dragons that tried to stop what he wanted to do or tried to hurt him.

He eventually started The Shadows Gang, they kidnapped and murdered tons of dragon. Nighttalons hated what he had become but still did it. Evenually the group broke up and he was alone again, not knowing what to do,


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