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♠ Prism Light ♠

"Light is not broken- it is breaking through"

Owner | FlickerCat

Name: Prism Light Species: Wings of Fire - Rainwing/Nightwing
Rank | Assassin Age | 8 years

Residence | Rainforest Kingdom

Mate: N/A

Crush: None, yet

Status | Alive & Active

♠ Introduction ♠ 


The moonlight pierced the canapy of the trees, shining white light onto the forest floor. A rather large egg sat snuggly in the nook of tree roots, coated in silver and flashing repeatedly. "It's happening!" a female dragon, one who must have been the mother, exclaimed in awe.

Then strangely, the flashing dimmed until it was a dull murmer of silver. The mother gasped. "No! What's happened!" she looked up, around, and about in confusion. "The moonlight!" the black female spun around tried to move the branches with her claws, willing the moonlight to shine through and touch the egg.

But the moonlight could not pierce through. "No!" the mother grabbed the egg in her talons, racing to the clearing and holding the egg to the sky. "Drink the moonlight!" she willed the egg. "Please," she added in a whisper. 

But it would not drink. 

The flashing stopped.

And the one full moon's light had barely reached the egg as it hatched.

"Curse that mango-eating Rainwing," the Nightwing mother hissed dangerously. Then she lowered the egg to the ground and spoke it.

"Your father was wrong. I knew the Night Kingdom was safer for you, my love," she sighed. "But still, this is your home now. As it is mine. And you will grow to be a wonderful Rainwing," she finished lovingly as the first colorful wing poked through the shell of the egg.

♠ How It Began ♠

Moonspeaker, the loyal Nightwing, had fallen in love with a handsome and brilliant male Rainwing- the brother to the Queen. The two snuck away any chance they had to be together. All they wanted was to be together. But they had an egg together as well. Moonspeaker was determained to let her daughter live the life of a Rainwing. So upon hatching, she brought the egg to the rainforest under cover of night. When she hatched, Moonspeaker fled, hoping only that someone would find her. The Queen herself found the dragonet, and named her Prism- for the light she had flashed as she hatched, and for the light she brought the Rainforest with her life.

♠ Friends & Enemies ♠

Friends Layout - OC name | Username | Residence | Trust level

Queen Flamingo | I forget | Rainforest Kingdom | 70%

'The Red Skywing' | I forget | Currently Rainwing Prisoner | 40%


Enemies Layout - OC name | Username | Residence


♠ Skills ♠

 Hunting: 7/10

Combat: 10/10

Defense: 9/10

Offense: 10/10

Healing: 6/10

Intelligence: 8/10

Loyalty: 10/10

Understanding: 8/10

♠ Description ♠


Black horns, spines, and nose

Electric purple/Blue
Mish-mash of electric colors, all spiraling
Pink, purple, yellow, and green alternates
Yellow/pink underside, black spines

((Half Nightwing, Half Rainwing hybrid.))

♠ Gallery♠ 

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♠ End Card♠


Special thanks to my tribe, the incredible Rainwings, and for the founders, for creating this awesome wiki! Thank you all for reading this far, and maybe one day we can roleplay together! Thanks!