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This is basically an extension of the shipping page (that's why I stole so much stuff from it) that enables us to pair up our OCs (for the most part at random). Because who doesn't love shipping fictional characters? This page can be edited by anyone, but you WILL be expected to fix any mistakes you make, whether intentionally or by accident. Thanks for coming and looking at this! (If you don't understand, it's basically dragon Tinder.)

- Juniper


Stingray of The Sandwings/Seawings


Stingray is a very sweet, caring dragon once you get to know him. He is harsh to dragons that annoy him, and is very sly and rude to those he deems untrustworthy. But deep down, he has a soft spot for snuggles with his pet pangolin, Might, and would love to meet a kind dragon who is understanding and who likes to listen and be listened to. Stingray doesn't mind being with a dragon from a different tribe, being a hybrid himself. He likes to travel and seek treasure and thrills.


User: ShatteredSpirits

Sexuality: Heterosexual (Secretly Bisexual, but he'll never admit it)


Oleander the RainWing


Oleander is arrogant and vain, oftentimes bashing other species - specifically NightWings and IceWings - but knows how to kick butt and actually does have a heart when it comes to her love interests. She's basically Lorraine Broughton as a dragon.


User: Argentfish

Sexuality: Bisexual


Searider the Night/SeaWing


Searider is undisclosed years old (on the younger side though). She is quite stunning and beautiful but don't dwell on her looks for too long or you'll end up with a face full of dirt. Shes not looking for someone who will talk or be with her 24/7, she wants a dragon who will give her space to breathe but come talk to her when ever she needs it even if she doesn't think she does. She doesn't like it when a dragon brags about there looks or strength. Don't ask about her past unless you want a broken wing, all in all she's a hard nut to crack. --- User: The-Lonely-Owl

Sexuality: Bisexual


Prism of the Rainwings

Age: 8 years 

Gender: Female

Sexuallity: Straight/leaning towards bi

Personallity:Head assasin, so knows how to kick butt. She is strong, indendent, and wants to have dragonets in the future. She holds the record for best combatant in the tribe, being the Queen's go-to assassin. She is also the niece of Queen Flamingo. Prism has an adoption pending at the orphanage for two young Nightwings, who she can't wait to meet.

User: Flickercat

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