Pyrrhia's Ships


Welcome to Pyrrhia's Shipping Page! This Page is For Ships From Pyrrhia and The Allwings of Pyrrhia. If Someone Does Not Wish to be on This Page, Please Don't Put Them Here, and if They Get Put Here, They May Remove Themself. This is a Page That Everyone May Edit, But if You Mess Something up, Please Fix it.

Pyrrhia Shipping Page


This Area is For Canon Couples.

Subzero X Silhouette

General Barracuda X Arctic

 Princess Seashell X Spider

Queen Flurry x King Ermine

Queen Flamingo x King Twig

Princess Dawn x Buzzard

Queen Sandstone x King Sandstorm

Queen Nighthunter x King Sharptalon

Queen Cockateil x King Eagle

Prince Borealis x Gecko

Spectre x Scarab

Selina x Odious

Boulder x Branch

Mistake X Sunset

Thicket x Nudar (Dating)

Zerda x Battletears

Nightflame x Phoenix

Pyrrhia Shipping Page


This Area is For Couple we Wish Were Canon. (Some Who May be Soon ; )

Skua X Quill

Servant X Disappointment

Ripple x Evergreen

Night's Mistake x Jay 

Night's Mistake x Arid

Creek x Arid

Jay x Angler

Creek x Angler

Queen Jasper x Hawk

Ash x Regal

Xander x Lavender/Chamomile

Snow x Xander

Xander x Ivy

Anchialine x Brokensoul

Savannah x Scorpion

Sable x Lynx

Oddity x Fallen

Atlanta x Bat

Atlanta x Wormhole

Hurricane x Calypso

Obsidian x Prism Light

Atlanta x Titanoboa

Dapple X Sunset

Shadowseer X Narwhal

Oleander x Vale

Oleander x Leviathan

Pyrrhia Shipping Page

Joke Ships

This Area is For Joke Ships. (Dragon x Item, Dragon x Themself, Dragons That Already Have a Mate)

Hawk x A Salt Shaker

Iberia x Scorcher

Scarab x Her Crossbow

Cockatiell x A Discoball

Cobra x Herself

Queen Flamingo x Pineapples

Eagle x Letters

Cockateil x Random Copper Bracelets

Oceancrafter x Sugar

Useless x Chris Pine

Iberia X Skua X Ermine X Shale

Cottonwood x Cloaks

Iris x Cash me ousside girl

Boulder x Shadows

Ivy x Caribou

Atlanta x Words

Gecko x Soooo

Jasper x Aconcagua

ForeverFrosted x Being on the Shipping Page

JuniperTheSkyWing x Filling Out Forms


CaribbeanxJack Sparrow

Strange DisfigurementxThat person that you think is staring at you from your closet

Seawings4Life x Shipping People (I Think I Have a Shipping Problem)

Pyrrhia Shipping Page

Love Notes

This Area is For Confessions to Your Crush, Love Notes to Your Mate, or Anything Else Along Those Lines.

Friggin Scorcher, I have loved you since I first tasted you on my tongue. *hic* I have never tasted a better drink or ginger. You're a hot ginger, y'know that, right? Yours Truly, Iberia

Dear Quill,

You are a very, very, pretty dragon. Doesn't matter about the tribe.  I'm gonna say this from the bottom of my heart! I. Loaf. Yew. Very much. Like. Like-like you. Not just as a friend...

Oiiiiiiiiii, I wanna write you a love song and have a fairy taiiiiilllll endinggggggngfhfg...

That was Hawk. He just got alcohol all over this letter. Hope he's proud of himself...

~Skua, co-written by hawk, excuse the stain please.

Eagle, I love you. I always have. I like how you're funny, and nice. I hope you do too. I don't care if you aren't royal. Nothing can change it. ~ Cockatiel

Dear Skua,

Thanks for the note. I really liked it. Sorry about yelling at you, I was mad that you were flirting with other dragons. What I'm trying to say is, I love you. I really do.  ~Quill

Dear Self,

I really love you, with all your infected scales, abs, and shiftable spines. Marry me, my dearest self, Aconcagua.

-Aconcagua, the Almighty Gangster Himself

Dear Calypso,

I know it hasn't been long, but from the first moment I saw you, I knew I loved you with my whole heart. Your ocean blue eyes, your gentle gaze, your absolutely hilarious stories about the TTT... I want to spend the rest of my life with you. '-' Hurricane

Dear Prism Light,

It's hard to say my feelings for you; especially since I've spent so little time around you. But I do know that the way you look at me is a way I've never seen before. You're strong, powerful, and sharp-- But you still leave a part of yourself for others. 

Notice me Senpai. o.o

Dear Puffin,

You are an amazing, sweet dragoness. Easy to be around, I feel like we could be stuck in one room forever together, and I would never get tired of seeing you smile. I still remember when we met, on the beach near the Bay Village. That day was probably the happiest day of my life.


Dear Hurricane,

I love you. I don't care that our tribes more or less hate each other. Love doesn't need border lines, or tribes. When we spend time together, on the cliff, the first time I was worried someone would find us. But then you began to laugh, and my heart and worries melted away. Hurricane, you are the best thing that has ever happened to me. I hope that one day, we can be with each other forever.

~Calypso </div></div></div> </center>