Welcome to Battle Training!


Welcome to My Battle Training Academy and Armory! Some of You May Know me From The Sandwing Council or Scarab's Shop of Wonders! I've Recently Had a Couple of my Dragonets, as Well as Another Dragonet I Have Recently Met, Ask me to Train Them in Battle Skills, so I Decided, Why Not Make a School and Train Even More Young Dragons? This is a School For Dragonets and Young Adult Dragons. There is Also a Shop That Sells Weapons and Armor in The Front Room.

Scarab's Battle Training Academy


The Front Room:

The Front Room is Where Scarab's Brother, Kalahari, Sets up Training Schedules and Welcomes New Students. This is Also Where You Can Buy Handmade Armor and Weapons Made by Scarab and Her Family.

The Training Room:

This is Where Scarab and Her Father, Saguaro, Train The Students of The Academy. They do Different Presentations of Multiple Types of Combat Including, But Not Limited to: Talon to Talon, Crossbow, and Dagger. The Floor is Covered in Pillows, Rugs, and Blankets in Case a Dragonet Were to Fall.

The Nurse's Office:

This is Where Scarab's Mom, Desert, Treats Any Injuries Inflicted During Training. She Has Beds For Her Patients, One Bookcase Full of Medical Supplies, and a Desk With Scrolls For Medical Records.

Scarab's Battle Training Academy

Armor and Weapon Pricing




15 Gems

Chest Plates:

15 Gems

Cuffs (What She's Wearing on Her Front Legs in The Drawing):

25 Gems

Tail Armor:

20 Gems


20 Gems




15 Gems


20 Gems

Throwing Stars:

10 Gems a Piece

Scarab's Battle Training Academy

Training Information


20 Gems Per Session (Unless You're Scarab's Family or Close Friend)

Current Students:

1) Arctic Poppy The Sand/Icewing-Scarab's Daughter

2) Snow The Icewing-Scarab's Adoptive Daughter

3) Atlanta The Sand/Mudwing-Friend of Fox

Scarab's Battle Training Academy




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