Group The Allwings
Species Nightwing
Rank Soldier
Age 20 dragon years
Sex Female
Sexuality Heterosexual


​Silhouette has midnight-black scales, with a dark grey belly. She has bright purple eyes and three claw marks running down the left side of her face. She has the silver scales of a mind-reader. Her horns and spines on her neck, back, and tail are white. She has no silver scales on the underside of her wings like a normal Nightwing, she also has six-claws.


Silhouette was born under two full moons, therefore she can read minds. Since she is all black, she can easily blend into shadows.


Silhoeutte is a very nice dragoness, but mess with her family and you're in for a treat. Here's some advice, don't get on her bad side. She could easily track you down and kill you.


1. Belonging somewhere

2. Her children and mate

3. Seeing the dragons who hurt her family die (Yes she has a dark side)

4. Subzero


1. Morrowseer and any Mudwings that were in the Cult

2. Tumbleweed. (He's in the middle of Likes and Dislikes.)