The Aristocrats
Deep in the woods lays a manor, its old and everyone forgets about it for more than one reason as in the dead of night the manor erupts in cheers and moans of pain, as their lives a clan of vampire 

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The Mistress

The Mistress is the leader of this group, she is the one who starts every toast and is to be respected or you get the worst punishment she can say

Cryostasis/Female/Icewing/Sheer/Mayhem and Chaos(Adopted)and Polar/The-Lonely-Owl

The Mister

The Mister is the mate of the Mistress and the stands with the Mistress during the first toast, as the Mistress tends to be hot-headed the Mister is normally very calm

Sheer/ Male/Icewing/Cryostasis/Mayhem and Chaos(Adopted) and Polar/MistyBreeze123

The Noble

The Noble are the Opulent of the mistress and mister and tend to stand with the Prosperous during the toast 

Mayhem/Female/Nightwing/None/Cryostasis, Sheer and Polar(Adoptive) and Chaos/The-Lonely-Owl

Chaos/Male/Nightwing/None/Cryostasis,Sheer and Polar(Adoptive) and Mayhem/The-Lonely-Owl

Polar/Female/Icewing/None/Cryostasis ,Sheer, Mayham and Chaos(Adopted)/MistyBreeze123

The Prosperous

The Prosperous are the civilians of the clan and tend to make a living off of crafting and trading


The Predators

The Predators are the hunters they go out every week and hunt for enough dragons to feed the Affectionate and Opulent for a mouth as every other rank must hunt for itself 

Icecap/Female/Icewing/Heatstroke/Cryostasis(Sister)Noble Family(Mistress's family)/The-Lonely-Owl

Heatstroke/Male/Sandwing/Icecap/Noble Family/The-Lonely-Owl

The Affectionate

The Affectionate are the mothers of the Opulent.


The Opulent

The Opulent's are the youngest members of the clan,


The Ritual's

~The Toast~

Every 4 full moons the Predators try to find the best specimens(what they call normal dragons who they got) and every dragon in the clan is welcomed to drink

~The Cornantion~

When a Mistress is chosen they decide who the next Mistris will be if they are ever killed

 ~The Ranking~ 

Every Opulent is taught about fighting/Fight the best are picked by Mistress to become Predators and then the ones not apart of these few become Prosperous 

The Manor

The Manor is located deep in the forest near the tip of the "Wing" of the pyrrhia, Only the Toast take place the floors of the manor as underneath is a giant cave system where the ranks live 
The Mannor
Black Circle: Manor Location

Black Lines: Hunting Routs