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The Experiments

The Grumbling Roar of Thunder Sounded as Lightning Lit up The Otherwise Pitch Black Night Sky. You Ran For Shelter in a Nearby Cave Just as a Huge Tree Fell Where You Would Have Been Standing. As You Entered, You Heard Electrical Zaps and Smelled The Sickening Smell of Chemicals and Potions.

Suddenly, Candles and Torches Flickered on, But There Wasn't a Dragon in Sight to Light Them. Maniacal Laughter Filled The Cave, Making You Jump. A Silhouette Became Visible at The Back of The Cave. It Seemed to be Poking Something Into an Egg.

Something Came Speeding Towards You Out of The Darkness. Its Headshape Was Like That of a Dragonet, But Otherwise it Looked Like a Monster. It Reached You, Panting and Looked up at You With Snake~Like Eyes. "You Gotta Help me!" She Said, Revealing a Snake~Like Tongue and Set of Teeth. She Had a Feathered Body and Almost Non~Existant Legs.

You Stepped Back in Horror as More and More Dragonets Came Out of The Darkness, Some of Every Species. They Had All Sorts of Deformities From Feathers to Fur to Snake and Frog Parts to Mutiple Heads. You Gasped and Flew Out of The Cave, The Dragonets Attempting to Follow You.

The Dragonets Stepped Back, Almost as if Under Someone's Control. You Turned to See a Horrifying Nightwing With Bloodstained Scales and a Missing Eye Blocking The Dragonets and Lashing at Them. You Knew You Had to Help, But Didn't Know How, Thus Leaving You With The Horrible Knowledge of The Experiments.

Wicked Ones

The Experiments

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Meet The Experiments, These Are The Dragonets Who Were Stolen as Eggs by Deathspirit The Nightwing and His Minions. Though Some Have Escaped, Most Are Prisoners Left to be Tortured by Their Nightwing Kidnapper.

The Prisoners:




The Escaped:

Leaf and Frond/Seawings4Life/Rainwing/Leaf and Frond Have Two Heads, Green Feathers, and Green, Featherless, Frog~Like Legs. They Both Have Green Eyes./They Were a Twin Egg Where The Twins Got Fused Together. They Got Feathers From Bird DNA Planted in Their Egg and Frog~Like Legs Due to Frog DNA Put in Their Egg. They Are Smaller Than They Should be. They Also Can't Walk and Can Only Hop Like a Frog. They Have Webbed Talons.

Louisiana/Seawings4Life/Mudwing/Louisiana is a Very Small Mudwing With a Greenish Brown Color All Over. She Has Brown Eyes./She Has a Black Shell, Much Like a Turtle, Due to Being Implanted With Turtle DNA, She Also Has a Short, Turtle~Like Tail. Her Arms, Legs, Head, Tail, and Wings Can be Pulled Into The Shell. Her Legs Are Very Frog~Like. She Even Has Webbed Talons From The Frog DNA. She Can't Walk and Can Only Hop Like a Frog. She Can't Hop or Fly Very High, Due to The Weight of Her Shell.

Wicked Ones





Experiment Results:

Prisoner or Escaped?