The Survivors

We thrive in the dangerous streets, we own the city, we are the survivors!

The Survivors are a gang of cats living in the city. While they thrive they do have threats. Small gangs of cats threaten their prey. However if captured they are sent to the captured enemy quarters. After they are enlisted in the games. A series of challenges to test your ability.

(Keep in mind all of them can hunt)

The Overseer


The Overseer rules all. knows all, sees all. He/She is the strongest cat around. While it doesnt mean physical strength. It means they are skilled leaders and warriors. They are firm and aggressive

Izzie/Female/TheArgentFish/European Shorthair + Aegean

Izzie, despite her soft kittypet name, is a trained killer on the outside but is guiltier than Tigerstar. She's loud, aggressive, perhaps even remorseful, and runs the streets of Twolegplace like she does her followers. The rest of her family are kittypets, so she doesn't mention them at all. She is a lithe dark brown tabby with crescent-like yellow eyes and a scarred face.

The Second


The Second is a skilled warrior. Usually very young these cats are VERY skilled warriors. Each has a different style. The Current one uses intelligence and agility to get the job done.

Minnow/Female/Sweetstarthebrave/ Nebelung Cat

Minnow is an average height cat. She is intelligent, long legged, powerful back legs, and webbed paws. She is a former kittypet and ran away when she was young. She can be naive at times. She is also hotheaded and proud. If she trusts you you can see her kinder side.

The Warden


The Warden is in charge of the prisoners and the guards. They guard the prison and keep it in order. They organize cages and such keeping the strongest at the back. They will not climb ranks after this.

Fern/Female/Q1i2n/Bombay Sly and loyal, Fern will do anything for her superiors. She always keeps a tight grip on those below her, and will not hesitate to report anyone. She was born to a rogue who died giving birth, and is the sole survivor. Fern has leaf green eyes and a sleek, black pelt.


The Elite Guards

The Elite guards are something of a legend. These guards will ascend to be seconds and leaders. There are three shifts. There are three groups each group takes a shift

Group One: Open

Group Two: Open

Group Three: Open

The Prison Guards

The Game Guards

The Camp Guards.

The Outskirt Lookouts