The Land of Monsters

You swoop far above the mountains hoping to avoid any wisps coming your way. You touch down outside of the lead camp. It wasn't really a camp. Rather a giant castle that was made of stones. Huntwings shouldered their way around you. You liked it like this. The huntwings took care most of the monsters around the continent and watched over the other dragons. You looked at you and knew it was the brightest night. A royal huntwing egg was due for hatching and you went over to the snowy area. Upon an alter a huntwing egg cracked and hatched. Out came a small little dragonet. Little did you know she was the future queen. The new leader of the repressive regime.

What happened

When Wolf became a Spiritual Wolf a new leader was elected. This leader was cunning. Very cunning with so that she convinced the other dragons to let her become the leader even though she wasnt even an elite. Slowly but surely she neglected huntwing values and took over the other tribes.`When the huntwings threw her out a new leader was elected. He put everything back in order. Except they still ruled the other tribes. On a fateful brightest night a mastermind was hatched. Slowly but surely she made her way to an absolute queen. Letting monsters roam free. They populated pyrrhia leaving every dragon who wasn't with huntwings in fear of what would happen next to them. This kept everyone in order for awhile. The allwings were still alive battling fiercely with the new dictator. They did it in animus magic for fear of hurting any innocent dragons. When the time comes a battle will break out and who knows who will win. For now they leave hidden on the continent for their island rised above everyone and has a dome that blocks any threats. Soldiers continue to live in Pyrrhia making ambushes and such.