The Sanctuary Island

The Sanctuary Island is a island not to far from the allwing island made by the allwing historian Remora who used her animus powers to make a invisible dome around the island that stops anyone without permission from entering the island or leaving, so to visit you must ask Remora and she will give you a special piece of paper that lets you in.

The Island is covered in smaller enclosures that hold feral hybrids of dragons so they don't kill each other each enclosures are grouped together by habitat, and Remora has created stone dragons that feed the ferel dragons.

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~The Herd~

They Don't Have Scales, But Instead Have Bristle~Like Fur. Their Eyes Are on The Sides of Their Heads, Like a Deer's. The Males Have Caribou~Like Antlers, While The Females Have Ones Like Those of a Male White Tailed Deer. They Have Hooves on Their Back Feet and Talons on Their Front Feet, Like a Hippogriff. Their Eyes are Brown or Green. (Seawing's Herdwing, they said it would be ok if i put them in here)


Dot/Female/The Herd/Main color is beige and she as white spots/The-Lonely-Owl

Tawny/Female/The Herd/Brown eyes with grayish brown fur/Q1i2n

~The Pack~

The pack is made up of Wolf- dragon hybrids, since they are wolves/dragons there is one male and one female alpha. there a 2 packs

Pack 1 Residents:

Shock/Male/WolfxDragon/Alpha Male/Liver Brondle with dragon claws and a white heart on forehead/Q1i2n

Claw/Female/WolfxDragon/Blue Merle with large dragon wings and dragon tail/Q1i2n

Yowl/Female/WolfxDagon/ Blue Merle with Dragon sized frame/Q1i2n

Fern/Female/WolfxDragon/Blue Merle with small pair of dragon wings only for gliding and leaf green eyes./Q1i2n

Swallow/Female/WolfxDragon/Black and tan tick with small and unusable wings/The-Lonely-Owl

Pack 2 Residents:

Timber/Male/WolfxDragon/Alpha male/Red Merle w/ Green eyes, usable wings/JuniperTheSkywing

Redwood/Male/WolfXDragon/Brindle & White w/ brown eyes, no wings/JuniperTheSkywing

Sleek/Female/WolfxDragon/Alpha Female/Dark Mask w/ green eyes, usable wings/JuniperTheSkywing

Nettle/Female/WolfxDragon/Irish Spotted x Agouti Merle w/ amber eyes, unusable wings/JuniperTheSkywing

Echo/Female/WolfxDragon/Spotted tricolor w/ amber eyes, no wings/JuniperTheSkywing

~Non-Pack or Herd~

Titan/Male/Diryulers/Below/Spacejump Zoroark
Titan ref-0


Sea/Female/Diryulers/Below/Spacejump Zoroark
Sea reference-0


Omen/Female/CrowxDragon/Black crow with adnomall large wings and fire breathing abilities. Blue eyes./Q1i2n


Color/Male/Dragon x Parrot/Small scaled and bird shaped body hybrid can always be found with Remora/The-Lonely-Owl

Speckle/Female/Dragon x Leopard/Unknown/MistyBreeze123


 Oasis/Female/Sandwing x Fennec Fox/She Has Fur That Looks Like The Fur of a Fennec Fox. She Also Has Large Ears and is Very Small. Her Snout is Also Very Tiny. She Can Fly, But Not Well/Seawings4Life


Hoot/Male/Icewing x Snowy Owl/he Looks Like Alot Like a Griffin. The Front Half of his Body is Like an Owl's, But With Icewing~Like Eyes. His Front Half is Even Covered in White and Black Feathers. All of His Legs and Back End Are Like Those of an IW/Seawings4Life

Predator or Prey?: Predator

Habitat?: Arctic


Salt/Fresh water

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Dragonlings School,
Lava Lizard 5-0
Greater Seaprowler School
Lesser Seaprowler School
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Name/Gender/Mix/Short description/loyal to/Username

Color/Male/Dragon x Parrot/Small scaled and bird shaped body hybrid/Remora/The-Lonely-Owl

Terror/Female/ Basically a regular gray WolfWing, except for her wolf-like face, pointed snoot, extra floof, and lack of wings/Remora/JuniperTheSkywing

Kitty/Female/Icewing x Persian cat/She is Still a Dragonet and Only The Size of a Cat. She is Covered in Long White Fur and Has Cat~Like Pupils./Unknown/Seawings4Life

Important Employees

Owner/Founder: Remora

Remora is a female seawing with a dark blue/mint green scales, She is very nice to any animal/dragon hybrids but to non animal/dragon hybrids she can be quite cold.

Stone dragon commander: Open

The Stone dragon commander tells the stone dragon remora created what to do

Supply Gatherer/arranger: Open

This dragon gathers supplies and make it so every animal/dragon hybrid gets the right amount of food


~Animal/Dragon Hybrid~



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The Island