Welcome to the Wild Island

(Welcome to the Wild Island)

This island is full of dragon researchers as they study the mystical island fawn and flora.

Northern feathered Serpent

The Northern Feathered Serpents are just as the name sounds, they live on the normal mountains of the islands they have lots of feathers, they are also the only dragon on the island with wings.

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Eastern Water Serpent

The Eastern water serpents are covered in fins and a shark tail and a snake shaped head, with a main body of blue scales and gold scales running down there spine, they spend almost there entire lives under the water

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Southern Scaled Serpent

The Southern Scaled serpent lives in the below sea level desert valleys and are plated in a intistruchble metal and there only weak spot is a small(size of a us dime) and another spot on there tail(also the size of a us dime)

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Western Water Serpent

They have a fin all they way down there body and they tend to there tail ends in a point, there purple and normaly have pale yellow eyes, they spend there life near the surface of the water couseing troubles for sailers.

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Wisewing Lair

The Wisewing Lair is a old Castle on the edge of a cliff, the only visual knowlage of wisewing normal dragons have is Guilloitine who isn't even known by the dragons on this island who study it don't know exist and lets hope they never do...

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Note: you can ONLY come to the islands as a vistor and can't have any ocs that are the species that live here(If i say you can you can be a Wisewing)