"This is who we are."


The world of which we reside, as simple as so. This is it. This is the world of dragons, this is our world. This is the universe we are in. Not Pyrrhia, not Pantela, not the Lost Continent, not Fjelldrage. No, this is simply our universe. This is

the world of which we reside.


Our wonderful inhabitants in alphebetical order. (Not yet organized)



Vandrea: Goddess of wanderers and the third moon, Empress of Fjelldrage

Iberia: SandWing Council Member, Bounty Hunter

Igneous: Son of Iberia and Shale, Currently resides in the SandWing Kingdom

Oleander: RainWing renegade

Leviathan: SeaWing renegade

King Empyrean: King of the SkyWings

Princess Gale: Princess of the SkyWings

Princess Caracara: Daughter of Sunburn and Princess Sandstone

Queen Siren: Queen of the SeaWings

Ex-Princess Typhoon: Former StormWing royalty, Currently resides in the SkyWing Kingdom

Jarl Leif: Jarl of the NorthWings

Siv: NorthWing dragonet

Argent: NightWing prophet, daughter of Bloodseer

Bloodseer: NightWing doctor, Currently resides in Possibility

Miss Birdy: SkyWing Mayor of Possibility, Spymaster of the Wings of Freedom

Starchaser: Soldier of the NightWings

Cayenne: Soldier of the MudWings

Sharp: Soldier of the IceWings, Ex-lover of King Empyrean

Ragnarok: IceWing-SkyWing hybrid, soldier of the IceWings, King Empyrean's illicit son

(Clan) Lucia: Left-talon of Rose's Advance

(AU) Aconcagua: MudWing-RainWing "savior"

(AU) Freyja: SkyWing-IceWing soldier

(AU) Mariana: SeaWing secretary for Aconcagua

(Seaside Stronghold) Jin: Scavenger leader

(Nomads of the Desert) Iseret: Provider for the Nomads

(Gift of Study) Seong: Jin's father, scavenger

(Gift of Study) Ji Yeon: Jin's daughter, scavenger


Queen Jasper - Queen of the SkyWings

Queen Caridina - Queen of the KrillWings

Queen Amethyst - Queen of the QuartzWings

King Samoon - Husband to Queen Sandstone and King of the SandWings

Princess Direwolf -  Princess of the IceWings and first cousin to Pasque

Princess Vixen - Secret princess & animus of the SkyWings, currently raised in a cave by Oleander and Leviathan 

Prince Hurricane - Prince of the SkyWings, adopted by Queen Jasper

Snowleopard - Animus of the IceWings, creator of the Gift of Study

Sugilite - Ancient animus of the GemWings, creator of many time-travelling items

Hunnulv - NorthWing and husband to Jarl Leif

Malaria - RainWing, Head Councilor of the Wings of Freedom

Lorikeet - RainWing-SeaWing Boss-Lady of the Black Orchid

Cherry - RainWing, the one who does Club Sunset's paperwork

Florida - SkyWing-SeaWing DJ of Club Sunset

Strigidae - Albino NightWing mayor of Gemstone Cove

Kitsune - RukaWing werewolf of Wind Clan

Eldest - Ancient SeaWing dragonet, currently resides on AllWing island

Littleclaw - NightWing advisor to Queen Deathblow

Killerbee - ForestWing-BugWing Blossom of the Black Orchid

Nectar - ForestWing-BugWing Bromeliad of the Black Orchid

Terror - Savage WolfWing-Wolf experiment of Deathspirit, currently resides on Sanctuary Island

Timber, Redwood, Sleek, Nettle & Echo - Pinewood Pack WolfWing-Wolves, currently reside on Sanctuary Island

Banshee - DeathWing assassin of Fjelldrage

Nettle #2 - SkyWing-RainWing potion brewer of Fjelldrage

Mesa - RattleWing prisoner of Fjelldrage, arrested for attacking one of Navyblue's friends

Navyblue - SeaWing dragonet of Fjelldrage, adopted and chosen as heir of Vandrea

Microbat - SkyWing vampire dragonet, daughter of Nighthawk

Harlequin - NightWing vampire

Island - CaveWing-ForestWing daughter of Boulder and Branch, currently resides in the RainWing kingdom

Sable - WolfWing alpha of the Nightstalkers

Padparadscha - GemWing dragonet of Fjelldrage, adopted by Obsidian and sister to Rhodonite

Rhodonite - GemWing dragonet of Fjelldrage, adopted by Obsidian and sister to Padparadscha

Rosewood - MudWing-SkyWing wandering Healer, location unknown

Lupine - IceWing-RainWing elite competitor of the SkyWing arena

Ginger - A generic SkyWing soldier who's only interesting because she loves Hurricane

Chaparral - The first SkyWing firescale in over a century, close servant of Queen Jasper

(HuntWing) Constellation - Northern HuntWing cook and dragonet watcher, adoptive mother of Owl, Pinemarten, Heather, & Leaf/Frond

(HuntWing) Cicely - Southern HuntWing, Lead Hunter of the Night-Eyes

(HuntWing) Owl - Adoptive Southern HuntWing-CougarWing, Trainee Hunter of the Night-Eyes

(HuntWing) Pinemarten - Adoptive Northern HuntWing-CougarWing, Trainee Guard of the Wanderers

(HuntWing) Heather - Adoptive Southern HuntWing-CougarWing, Trainee Hunter of the Night-Eyes

(HuntWing) Pinemarten - Northern HuntWing

(Libellule) Pluie - Leader of the Pantelan scavengers

(Gift of Study) Tamerlin - Research Specimen, elder sister to Pluie

(AU) Queen Hyacinth - Glorious Queen of the RainWings and Conquerer of Continents

(AU) Durza ('The Shade') - NightWing-SkyWing-SeaWing and Rogue Animus of the New Pyrrhians

(AU) Uitai - RukaWing-NightWing, Right Talon of King Hawk The Conquerer

(AU) Diamondback - First free SandWing, defended by Anchialine, Quill, and Scorpion

(AU) Queen Smokyquartz - Cruel QuartzWing Animus Supreme Queen, Fuser of Continents

(AU) Princess Rainbowquartz - Animus Supreme Princess of the QuartzWings, 'The One-Winged Terror'

(Deceased/Unused) Warpers - SeaWing cyborgs

(Deceased/Unused) Borealis - A random IceWing and my first WoF OC

(Deceased/Unused) - Tangle - ForestWing experiment of Deathspirit, possesses high amounts of plant DNA

(Deceased/Unused) - Cairo, RainWing-SandWing-NightWing wanderer

(Deceased/Unused) Rutile, The Off-Color Orphanage Workers





Queen Cockateil: Queen of the AllWings

Princess Atoll: Healer Princess of the AllWings

Glimmer: Daughter of Borealis and Gecko, Currently Resides in the AllWings

Gwenlin: Son of Tarantula, Currently resides in the AllWings

Hope: RainWing Merchant of the AllWings

(Clan) Cottonwood: Crafter and Head of Spies

(Clan) Ironwood: Crafter

(AU) Redwood: The People

(Seaside Stronghold) Sha Xin: Scavenger

(Gift of Study) Ma Haixia: Scavenger

(Sanctuary) Shock, Claw, Yowl, Fern: Wolf and WolfWing hybrids

(Sanctuary) Omen: Crow

(HuntWing) Flake: Arctic Wolf Pup

(Dead) Veiled: NightWing Vampire

(Tonight We Are) Sacrifice: NightWing Werewolf


Ex-King Arctic: Soldier of the AllWings

Prince Archipelago: Prince of the AllWings

Banshee: Son of Tarantula, resides in the AllWing Kingdom

Shiver: Daughter of Borealis and Iris. Resides in the AllWing Kingdom

Rattlesnake: Resides in SandWing Kingdom

Beautiful: Tribrid resides in Orphanage

Quill: Orphanage worker. Resides in the SkyWing Kingdom

Phoenix: Orphanage Co-Owner and protector. Resides in the SkyWing Kingdom

Shadowtamer:  Resides in NightWing Kingdom

Saxifrage: Resides in AllWing Kingdom

Silhouette: Soldier of the AllWings

(Dead of Night) Layla: Vampire

(AU) Scar: The People

(AU) Shadowtamer: Safe Dragonet

(AU) Glacier: Expiramented on by Alkalie-Lake



Luna Crystal

Prince Flounder: Son of Ex-King Arctic and Barracuda, is General of the Allwings

Princess Breeze: Is daughter of Queen Cockateil and Eagle, currently resides in the Allwings Kingdom

Princess Sandy: Is duaghter of Ex-King Arctic, currenyly resides in the Allwings Kingdom

Princess Pasque: Daughter of King Ermine, currently resides in the Allwings Kingdom

Princess Acaica: Daughter of Queen Sandstone, currently resides in the Sandwings Kingdom

Princess Seashell: Duaghter of Queen Dolhpine, currently resides in the Seawings Kingdom

Icyseas: Duaghter of Princess Iceberg and Deathespirit, resides at the Allwings island

Lantern: A Seawing assasin

Turquoise: A Seawing Soldier

Subzero: An Allwings soldier

White Shadow: Son of Subzero and Silhoette, currently resides in the Allwings Kingdom

Snow: Is currently in the Dessert with her adopted family

Bat: A wanderer

Sparrow: Is Nightflame's brother, a Skywing soldier

Redflower: A Skywing soldier

Scorch: Is Magma's brother, currently resides at the Orphanage

Magma: Is Scorch's brother, currently resides at the Orphanage

Firerock: Currently resides with Sunburn and Sandstone's group

Servant: Usally stays near TTT, has color changing eyes

Birch: A wanderer, currently is near the Allwings island

Python: a wanderer

Sunset: Is currently at the Allwings island

Cresent: Currently in the Allwings village

Illusion: Currently in the Allwings village

Megabat: A vampire dragonet


Princess Iris: Adoptive daughter to Queen Flamingo and King Twig, currently resides in the RainWing kingdom

Calypso: Healer, currently resides in the SandWing kingdom

Prince Chill: Son of Ex-King Arctic and Barracuda, is General of the AllWings. Currently resides on the AllWings island

King Eagle: King of the AllWings, currently resides on the AllWings island

Lady Lava: Manager of a jewelry store, soon to be wife of Prince Archipelago. Currently resides on the AllWings island

(HuntWings)Lynx: Elite Hunter, currently resides in the Ice Kingdom.

Strange Disfigurement: Evil dragon slowly wreaking havoc. Currently resides on the AllWings island.

Prince Azaleas: Son of Queen Cockatiel and King Eagle. Currently resides on the AllWings island.

CAPTAIN Caribbean: Captain of the Obsidian Diamond. Currently resides on the Obsidian Diamond.

Moonstone: Famous backup singer/dancer and model. Currently resides on the AllWings island.

(WolfWings)Phoenix: Currently resides in the IceWing kingdom

(Dead of Night)Anaconda: Vampire MudWing dragon, currently resides in the DeathWing's kingdom.

Silentflame: Captured dragonet, currently resides in the SkyWing kingdom.

(Tonight We Are)Orca: Cursed IceWing, currently resides in the IceWing kingdom

(Ilvermorny)Olivia Simmons: 4th year Thunderbird

(Ilvermorny)Nicholas Arev: 5th year Pukwudgie

(Seaside Stronghold)Jia: Currently resides in the Seaside Stronghold

(Nomads of the Desert)Lapis: Currently resides in the Nomads camp.

(Gift of Study)Valentina Plata: Currently resides in Gift Of Study.




 Aconcagua: MudWing-RainWing "savior"


Murdered by Queen Flamingo

Sea Emperor: 500,000 year-old prehistoric SeaWing


Died of natural causes

Shale: MudWing soldier, Father of Igneous, Ex-lover of Iberia


Died from Bloodscales

Vale: MudWing Assassin, Worked under King Empyrean, Ex-lover of Oleander


Stabbed by Vandrea/Baltic



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