Credit For All Art Goes to The Artists. Credit For Jade Mountain Academy Goes to Tui T. Sutherland And Her Series: Wings of Fire.

Fanon Winglets Have Been Added to Adapt to The Amount of Students There Might Soon be. (Alot of People in The Group Pyrrhia are Having Dragonets)

Founded: 5/30/2017

The Dragonets of Destiny (In The Books)

Seawings4Life (This Group)

Species: Dragons From Wings of Fire
Names: Whatever Fits Your Tribe
Member Count:
Orientation: Neutral
Roleplay Style: Traditional/Non~Advanced
Status: Active and Ready to Teach!



1. Please Read Wings of Fire And Know What The Jade Mountain Academy is Before Joining.

2. Please Don't Bully The Other Students.

3. If You're an Animus, Please Don't Use Your Magic Against The Other Students.

4. Please Respect Your Teachers And All of The Jade Mountain Staff. They Work Hard to Keep The School Running.

5. If You're a Nightwing With The Power of Prophecy, Ask Before You Make a Prophecy. This Keeps us From Having to Change Everything Just to Fulfill Your Prophecy.

6. If You're a Mindreader, Don't Use it Against Others. Donm't Threaten to Tell About Other Dragon's Crushes. Don't Use What They Think About if You're Testing.

7. You Must Attend at Least One Class. You Can't Spend Your Whole Time Out Flying, in Your Dorm, or The Cafeteria. You Have to Spend Some Time in a Classroom.

8. Do Not Attack Other Students With Venom, Fire, Frost Breath, or Any Weapons You May Have. This Will Lead to You Being Immediately Expelled.

9. If You're a Skywing With Firescales, Please Don't Touch Anyone.

10. Don't Run Away From The Academy.

11. Each Winglet Can Have 7 Dragonets. 1 Icewing, 1 Mudwing, 1 Nightwing, 1 Mudwing, 1 Rainwing, 1 Sandwing, 1 Seawing, 1 Skywing, and 1 Hybrid.

12. You May Have 5 OCs. They May Not be in The Same Winglet Though.

13. If You're Inactive For 2wks, You Will be Removed From JMA.

14. We Will Accept Fanon Tribes, But From This Group:The Lost Continent, Since it is a Subgroup of This.


These Are Ranked in Order of Severity

1. After Class, You Must go to The Library And Reshelf Any Scrolls Left Out of Place.

2. You Will Write The Rule(s) You Broke on a Scroll Until You're Told to Stop or The Scroll is Full.

3. You Will be Put in Detention Where You Must Clean Every Room in The Academy.

4. You Will be Expelled From The Academy.


Clawmates Per Winglet Will be Divided up Into 5 Groups of 3. Boys Will Preferably be With Boys and Girls With Girls.

The Jade Winglet:

First Dragonets: Prince Winter The Icewing, Umber The Mudwing, Moonwatcher The Nightwing, Kinkajou The Rainwing, Quibli The Sandwing, Prince Turtle The Seawing, and Carnelian The Skywing

Current Dragonets:

Setup: Name/Username/Gender/Species/Extra Info/Clawmate(s)

Avocado/Seawings4Life/Female/Rainwing/Avocado is a Strange Rainwing Who Enjoys Reading, Learning, Exercise, and Hunting For Prey. She Finds Hunting More Rewarding Than Gathering Fruit. She Also Has 2 Pet Sloths That Hang Off Each of Her Wings. One is Named Snail and The Other is Her Son, Slug. Though She Likes Excersize, She Participates in Suntime to Recharge Her Camouflage./Cleverwings

Cleverwings/TheAmazingThorn/Female/Nightwing/She Can Read Minds./Avocado

Current Openings: Everything But Rainwing and Nightwing

The Silver Winglet:

First Dragonets: Changbai The Icewing, Sepia The Mudwing, Fearless The Nightwing, Boto The Rainwing, Ostrich The Sandwing, Princess Anenome The Seawing, Thrush The Skywing

Current Dragonets:

Setup: Name/Username/Gender/Species/Extra Info/Clawmate(s)

Scrollwriter/Seawings4Life/Male/Nightwing/He is a Mindreader, But Only Uses it When His Friends Are Distressed, or When he Really Needs to. He Has a Pet Bat Named Echo That Hangs Off His Horns./None

Current Openings:  Everything But Nightwing

The Quartz Winglet:

First Dragonets: Ermine The Icewing, Newt The Mudwing, Mightyclaws The Nightwing, Siamang The Rainwing, Arid The Sandwing, Barracuda The Seawing, Garnet The Skywing

Current Dragonets:

Setup: Name/Username/Gender/Species/Extra Info/Clawmate(s)

Bluejay/Seawings4Life/Female/Skywing/She Came From an Animus Cursed Egg, so She Has an Odd Coloration For Her Species. She Also Has a Pet Barn Owl Named Hoot./None

Reed/Openwing/Female/She Grewup With a Fairly Good LifeBefore Leaving Her Group to Join Jade Mountain and Learn About The World./None

Current Openings: Everything But Skywing and Mudwing

The Copper Winglet:

First Dragonets: Alba The Icewing, Marsh The Mudwing, Mindreader The Nightwing, Coconut The Rainwing, Pronghorn The Sandwing, Snail The Seawing, Peregrine The Skywing

Current Dragonets:

Setup: NameUsername/Gender/Species/Extra Info/Clawmates

Humus/Seawings4Life/Male/Mudwing/He Has a Pet Cottonmouth Snake Named Aspen./None

Current Openings: All Spots Except Mudwing

The Gold Winglet:

First Dragonets: Princess Icicle The Icewing, Sora The Mudwing, Bigtail The Nightwing, Tamarin The Rainwing, Onyx The Sandwing, Pike The Seawing, and Flame The Skywing

Current Dragonets:

Current Openings: Everything


Setup: Name/Username/Gender/Species/Extra Info

Welcome Dragon:

The Welcome Dragon is Kinda Like The Academy's Principal. They Sit at a Desk at The School's Entrance. They Keep Track of All The Students And Know What All The Winglets Are Doing at What Times.


History Teacher:

The History Teacher Teaches The Students All About How Pyrrhia Came to be What it is Today.


Science Teacher:

The Science Teacher Teaches The Students About Life, Nature, Weather, and Anything Else That Involves Science.


Literature Teacher:

The Literature Teacher Teaches The Students How to Read and Write.


Art Teacher:

The Art Teacher Shows The Students How to Paint, Draw, and Sculpt.


Music Teacher:

The Music Teacher Teaches The Students to Play Instruments.

Princess Tang/Comicwing/Female/Rainwing/None


There Are 3 Nurses.

The Nurses Heal Any Students or Staff Members Who Get Sick or Injured.


Cafeteria Workers:

There Will be 3 Cafeteria Workers.

The Cafeteria Workers Hunt, Fish, and Gather Fruit For The Students to Eat.


There Will be 3 Librarians.

The Librarians Keep Track of The Scrolls in The Library, Help Students Get The Right Ones, and Help to Check The Scrolls Out.

Student Helpers

These Students Help The Staff Out With Their Jobs.

Setup: Name/Username/Gender/Species/Winglet/Where They Help



This is Just The Order For The Classes. You Must Attend at Least One Class Per Day. Don't Spend The Whole Time in Your Dorm, The Cafeteria, or The Library.

Winglet: Jade Winglet: Silver Winglet: Quartz Winglet: Copper Winglet: Gold Winglet:
1st Period/Event: Breakfast Breakfast Breakfast Breakfast Breakfast
2nd Period/Event: Art History Music Literature Science
3rd Period/Event: Literature Music Science History Art
4th Period/Event: Science Art Literature Music History
5th Period/Event: Lunch/Sun Time Lunch/Sun Time Lunch/Sun Time Lunch/Sun Time Lunch/Sun Time
6th Period/Event: Music Science History Art Literature
7th Period/Event: History Literature Art Science Music
8th Period/Event: Free Time Free Time Free Time Free Time Free Time
9th Period/Event: Dinner Dinner Dinner  Dinner Dinner
10th Period/Event: Go to Dorms Go to Dorms Go to Dorms Go to Dorms Go to Dorms


Joining Form:



Desired Rank:


Winglet (If Student):


OC Image:

Student Helper Form:



Where You Would Like to Help: