White Shadow

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A White

Name White Shadow
Gender Male
Species Icewing X Nightwing
Allegiance Allwings
Rank Soldier in-training
Orientation Heterosexual
Age 4-5 years(In dragon)
Roleplayer Luna Crystal


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White Shadow has straight horns like an Icewing, his snout curves like a Nightwing. He has half serrated claws, and his wings are a mix of Nightwing and Icewing. He also has spikes on his neck, and small ones on his tail. White Shadow's base scales are white, and he has black tips on his claws, arms, wings, snout, and tail. Also one of his wings is completely black.

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White Shadow, or WS, is a nice and caring dragon. Willing to help any dragon in need. WS is also a can be a bit shy when it comes to talking to a crush or something like that. The hybrid is stubborn, much like his father, never giving up on anything. All in all, WS is a nice and kind dragon.

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Father: Subzero

Mother: Silhouette

Brother(s): Freeze

Sister(s): Eclipse, Stargazer

Wife: N/A

Dragonet(s): N/A

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Orientation: Heterosexual

Crush: Mariana

Dragons crushing on WS: Mariana(?)

Attracted To: N/A

Dragons Attracted to WS: N/A

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Bullet Guide

Bulletpink = Slight Crush

Bulletpink Bulletpink = Crush

Bulletpink Bulletpink Bulletpink = Love

Bulletred = Trust

Bulletred Bulletred = Envy

Bulletred Bulletred Bulletred = Regret

Bulletorange = Like

Bulletorange Bulletorange = Respect

Bulletorange Bulletorange Bulletorange = Idolize

Bulletyellow = Slight Curiosity

Bulletyellow Bulletyellow = Major Curiosity

Bulletyellow Bulletyellow Bulletyellow = Interested

Yellowgreenbullet = Shy

Yellowgreenbullet Yellowgreenbullet = Nervous

Yellowgreenbullet Yellowgreenbullet Yellowgreenbullet = Discomfort

Bulletgreen = Acquaintance

Bulletgreen Bulletgreen = Friend

Bulletgreen Bulletgreen Bulletgreen = Close Friend

Turquoisebullet = Unease

Turquoisebullet Turquoisebullet = Disgust

Turquoisebullet Turquoisebullet Turquoisebullet = Aversion

Bulletblue = Wants to get to know

Bulletblue Bulletblue = Misses

Bulletblue Bulletblue Bulletblue = Can't live without

Bulletpurple = Relative

Bulletpurple Bulletpurple = Family

Bulletpurple Bulletpurple Bulletpurple = A joint in the hip

Bulletwhite = Slightly suspisious

Bulletwhite Bulletwhite = Very Suspisious

Bulletwhite Bulletwhite Bulletwhite = Distrusts

Bulletblack = Annoyed By

Bulletblack Bulletblack = Dislikes

Bulletblack Bulletblack Bulletblack = Hates

Dead-0 = Dead

Question-0 = Missing/Status Unknown

Rose = Family

Heart-1 = Mate

Roseblack = Fling/Ex-Mate

Subzero | Father | Tba | Luna Crystal | Tba

Silhouette | Mother | Tba | Roudyruru | Tba

Eclipse | Older sister | Tba | Sweetstarthebrave | Tba

Freeze | Older brother | Tba | The-Lonley-Owl | Tba

Stargazer | Older sister | Tba | Foxwolfaccount2 | Tba

Mariana | Friend/Crush | Tba | Mistybreeze123 | Tba

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