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The Snowheart

The Snowheart Wolves


We Are The Wolfwings of The Arctic Tundra, Prowling The Snowy Landscape. We Are Strong, Brave, and Kind, We Are The Snowheart Wolves.


Special Adaptations

Snowheart Wolfwings Only Come in The Following Colors: White, Gray, Lilac, Cream, or Yellow to Blend in With The Light Colored Enviroments. They Also Have Longer, Thicker Fur.



Snowheart Wolfwings Travel Through The Continent of Everlasting Frost, The Icewing Kingdom, and The Ice District of The Allwings Island.

Base Camp:

The Main Snowheart Camp is in a Cave on The Continent of Everlasting Frost. Pups Stay Here Until They Begin Training, Then They May Travel to Other Camps With Their Mentors. This Cave Has Polar Bear Skin Beds and a Back Cave For Their Pet Wolves That Has Seal Skin Beds. They Have Another Cave That is Very Far Back That They Use to Store Meat.

Secondary Camps:

They Have Secondary Camps in The Icewing Territory of Pyrrhia and The Allwing Island. They Only Have One Cave With Seal Skin Beds.


Pack Members

Setup: Name/Username/Description/Family/Rank

Selina/Seawings4Life/She is Cream Colored With a White Extreme Piebald Pattern and Icy Blue Eyes./Odious (Mate) and Ivy (Adoptive Daughter)/Alpha Female

Odious/Sympathetic/He is Gray and White Blended With a Broad, Muscular Build. He Has a Fiesty Temper and Piercing Sapphire Eyes. He Also Has a Long, Furry Tail./Selina (Mate) and Ivy (Adoptive Daughter.)/Alpha Male

Ivy/Roudyruru/She is Dark Plack With Bright Green Eyes and a Long Snout. She Has Short Fur and a Long Tail./Selina (Adoptive Mother) and Odious (Adoptive Father)/Pup

Comet/Luna Crystal/He Has a Light Gray Pelt With a Black Stripe on His Back That Starts at His Shoulders and Ends at His Tailtip. He Also Has a White Underbelly and Baby Blue Eyes./None/Pup



The Main Pets Are Arctic Wolves, But Sometimes There Are Sometimes Arctic Foxes.

Setup: Name/Description/Owner

Flurry/She is a Big, Pure White Arctic Wolf With Icy Blue Eyes./Selina